The Art of Fulfillment: Living with Passion in an Uncertain World

In a world flooded with opportunity, many of us are drowning in a sense of uncertainty. Breaking from the chains of tradition, we are free to creatively pursue a multitude of lifestyles. Though, when faced with a number of possible routes we are often paralyzed by indecision, locked in analysis paralysis, trying to gain a sense of certainty before deciding to walk down a specific path.

We are told to “find a passion,” but don’t know where to look. Self-help books and vision-boards often keep us looking inward as we try to uncover our life’s purpose. This book reveals how popular wisdom can actually lead us further astray, showing how passion is built through engagement with the world by accepting uncertainty.

By probing into the meaning of passion and life-purpose, this book guides readers toward understanding how to construct a meaningful professional-life, illustrating the stories of those who have persevered amidst the extreme uncertainty of war.

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